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Canary Yellow Discus
  • Save 76%
$105.00 $24.69
Assortment of 12 Common Sword Aquarium Plants
  • Save 51%
$79.88 $39.00
Assortment of 12 German Sword Aquarium Plants
  • Save 46%
$109.00 $59.00
  • Save 28%
$3.99 $2.89
Freshwater Shrimp -Algae Eating Assortment Packs
  • Save 58%
$5.99 $2.49
Golden Dwarf Acara Cichlid
  • Save 34%
$19.00 $12.49
  • Save 49%
$28.99 $14.65
African Neolamprologus leleupi Cichlid
  • Save 27%
$19.99 $14.69
  • Save 64%
$49.99 $18.00
King Red Tiger Lobster
  • Save 68%
$24.99 $7.99

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The Nation's Premiere Tropical Aquatic Farm! Arizona Aquatic Gardens is a family-owned & operated facility in Tucson, Arizona since 1987.

Congrats! You've just found the originals! Azgardens.com has pioneered many aspects of the aquatic industry. Copied by many, but beaten by none because we are experience! We didn't start this business yesterday, or just graduate from college. Running a business like ours takes years of intense work, decades of trials, mistakes, errors, and then bettering ourselves by making corrections, improvements & streamlining how our business is ran! Hand's on everyday, 7 days a week since 1987 is what it takes to make it! There's tons of poor or confusing advice on the internet written by people that don't have a clue what they are talking about unfortunately. We are real people, offering trustworthy advice you can count on. We are in this business because we want to help people, and our goal is to make you succeed with your project, big or small. Our customers range from zoological societies, government agencies, universities, public schools, & privateer hobbyists. Enjoy this site and the valuable content throughout! It's here to help you with your aquarium or pond project and make things simple for you too! Click on the "EXTRAS" tab to the left to read helpful articles to guide you along offering no-nonsense advice. We do things right, and we do it right the first time! We offer 100's of varieties of specialty aquatic plants, aquarium plants, pond plants, wetlands plants & more for sale and delivered to your door quickly! We also have rare tropical fish for sale, algae eating fish for sale, algae eating shrimp for sale, algae eating nerite snails for sale & many other items including pond plants like water lilies and bog plants for your pond.

We are specialists in Pond Algae Control, Mosquito Control, Water Consulting and Wetlands Restoration Aquatic Plants. If you need our help, we are always a phone call away at 520-742-FISH (3474), or text us 24/7 at 520-971-1357. We are here to help you do this right! Thank you for visiting and enjoy!  

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