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Freshwater Aquarium Plant Assortment
  • Save 35%
$4.99 $3.25
Assortment of 12 Common Sword Aquarium Plants
  • Save 51%
$79.88 $39.00
Assortment of 12 German Sword Aquarium Plants
  • Save 46%
$109.00 $59.00
Aponogeton Assortment 10-pack Aquarium Plants
  • Save 47%
$59.90 $32.00

The nation's premiere tropical aquatic farm! Arizona Aquatic Gardens is a family-owned and operated facility in Tucson, Arizona since 1987.

We are the originals! Copied by many, but beaten by none! It's because we ARE experience! Hand's on everyday, 7 days a week since 1987, and all because we truly care! That's why there is all of this valuable content right here about aquariums and ponds within this website.

We offer 100's of varieties of specialty aquatic plants, aquarium plants, pond plants, wetlands plants for sale online. We also have tropical fish for sale, rare fish, algae eating fish, algae eating shrimp, algae eating beneficial non-reproducing nerite snails and many other items including tropical plants like banana trees.

We are specialists in Pond Algae Control, Mosquito Control, Water Consulting and Wetlands Restoration Aquatic Plants.