Shubunkin or Harlequin Goldfish

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Carassius auratus, Harlequin Goldfish, Speckled

  •   Temp: 16-92° F
  •     KH 2-12
  •     pH 6.8-8.7
  •     Max. Size: 12″
  •     Origin: Japan

The Shubunkin is a type of single-tailed goldfish, and is a mutation of the Comet Goldfish.

They have an appearance more towards a Common Goldfish, in that their body is thinner and more streamlined, as well as it has a dorsal fin and large tail fins.  The colorings and markings make this a unique goldfish, perfect for your pond setup.

Feed the Shubunkin a quality pellet or flake food that does not exceed 30% protein.

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