Algae Eating Tiger Nerite Snail – Green Tiger Nerite Snail

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The Neritina natalensis is an algae eating snail. These tigers are easy going and will survive in a water temp between 30 – 110 and a pH of 6.2 – 8.5.

These little snails are actually about the size of a dime or a marble. Nerites are the best algae eating snail for aquariums in the world, as they DO NOT reproduce in freshwater, but only in brackish or saltwater.

Stock 1 or more snail per gallon of water in your aquarium.

They will NOT harm plant life. Sizes vary, but this snail tends to ship as large as nickel size.They are not easy to breed; as they are actually a brackish water snail (brackish water is where they are prolific).

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