Catfish – Albino Channel Catfish

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The distinctive white body and red eye coloring of the Albino Channel Catfish are what give it it’s name.

With a versatile and adaptive ability to survive and thrive in a range of fresh water acidity and temperature, the Albino Channel Catfish has become the most widely fished breed of all catfish in North America.

  • Water Type: Fresh Water Species
  • Temperature: Adaptive / Versatile
  • Water pH: 6.5 – 8.2 versatile
  • Minimum Order: 6
  • The Albino Channel Catfish will be shipped at approx. 2″ in length and will grow naturally in the habitat it is released to. With an average weight of 10-15 pounds and length of 17 inches the Channel Cat is a popular choice for stocking ponds and rivers through the Eastern United States.

Minimum quantity for “Albino Channel Catfish” is 6

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