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The inclusion of plants will not only make your aquarium more aesthetically pleasing; they will also provide your fish with a slew of benefits.  For example, they help maintain the quality of the water, and they also provide fish with a place to hide when they are feeling shy. Some fish will lay their eggs in plants, and baby fish (frye) will use plants as refuge.

With a massive variety of freshwater aquarium plants for sale, Arizona Aquatic Gardens will have just the right look and species for your aquarium.  From sword plants, oxygenating grasses, potted plants to plants on driftwood, our diverse inventory is sure to turn your aquarium from ordinary to EXTRAordinary!

Since 1987, regardless of the time of year, we will ship your plants right to your door, and we guarantee they will arrive in pristine condition! For more information about a certain style of plant, and to look at the different varieties of that particular category, please click on one of the pictures below.  Please feel free to call or email us with any general or specific questions you may have.

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  • Anubias Aquarium Plants

    Anubias Aquarium Plants (28)

    Welcome to our selection of Anubias aquarium plants! At Arizona Aquatic Nurseries we have so many aquarium plants to choose from. Our selection of Anubias is above par! Anubais plants are native to West Africa and make the perfect addition to any aquarium project. You can to attach them to rocks or wood, or just plant them next to rocks or wood, they will be happy as long as they are not generally planted out in the open without some sort of object that their roots can attach to. If you have a 3D aquarium background,, the Anubias is a great choice for attaching to the wall in the aquarium background, some zoological exhibits and hobbyists use Anubias to grow on their filtration tubes or other mechanical parts to hide camoflauge ugly parts and to keep things looking very natural. Anubias aquarium plants are ideal for tanks with low light or no light. We have several types of Anubias plants to choose from including rare Anubias Nana petites, Anubias Bangkok, Anubias Congensis, and so many more. Although every Anubias plant is different in size or shape there are basically 2 types of Anubias. Anubias that grow horizontally, like nana, barteri & coffeefolia. Then we have Anubias plants that generally only grow vertically like, Frazeri, Congensis, Bangkok, Hastifolia and others. You can expect most Anubias to do well in any type of aquarium but the horizontal Anubias are the easiert. Lighting: Anubias thrive in very LOW LIGHT! Temperature: Very versatile 73-83F or 23-28C. pH tips: Neutral 7.0 is perfect but will grow in virtually any water condition as long as roots are wet, so yes you may use these plants in a very wet frog habitat as well.
  • Aponogeton Aquarium Plants

    Aponogeton Aquarium Plants (16)

    Aponogeton spp. (A-pawn-oh-jee-ton) Arizona Aquatic Gardens has been offering a wide variety of Aponogeton aquarium plants since 1987. When it comes to stocking your aquarium with high quality attractive plants, you cannot go wrong with Aponogetons. These Aponogeton aquarium plants come in a range of shapes & sizes. Aponogetons are some of the easiest plants to grow. The Aponogeton plant is native to many areas including Madagascar, China & Sri Lanka. Because Aponogeton thrive in both low & moderate lighting environments, they are ideal for any aquarium setups. No matter what type of aquarium you own, you can enhance it by taking advantage of our large selection of Aponogeton aquarium plants. We would consider this plant an Easy to Grow Aquarium Plant without any headeache or difficulty. Virtually any type of lighting will allow this plant to grow successfully. Water temperatures do not really matter, but keep your Aponogetons above freezing temps as they are native to tropical water conditions 75 - 85 degrees is fine. pH Neutral 7.0 is ideal, but Aponogetons will also thrive in lower acid conditions for South American waters, as well as Higher pH conditions of African waters. Enjoy.
  • Aquarium Plants on Driftwood

    Aquarium Plants on Driftwood (14)

    Get Freshwater Aquarium Plants on Driftwood

    Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers one of the largest selections of assorted plants on driftwood. You will find our low prices and fast shipping on these unique driftwood items the best in the industry. No matter which plant type you choose, you can expect to receive a piece of driftwood that is already cultured and will not float, and immediately ready for installation in your aquarium project. These are instant gratification aquarium decorations. Look at our wide selection below to pick from available plants and driftwood pieces that we offer for your aquarium display. If you have any questions about our driftwood products, please contact us today.
  • Aquarium Plants on Mats

    Aquarium Plants on Mats (12)

    Buy Aquarium Plants on Mats from Arizona Aquatic Gardens

    Assorted Aquarium Plants on Mats create Instant Foreground! When it comes to creating the perfect aquarium exhibit, we know that our customers are looking for a wide range of high-quality plants that are easy to grow. That is why Arizona Aquatic Niurseries offers an impressive selection of assorted aquarium plants grown on mats that create instant foreground. In an effort to make things easier for you, we now offer a variety of true aquatic plants that are grown together in generous clumps or mats. Because many of these products are grown in mats, (may be grown on plastic or metal mesh screens, coconut fiber or flat squares loose) your installation process is simple, giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of your aquarium without the hassle of growing it out yourself, or better yet, without the wait. There are several things you can do to further enhance the appearance of these aquarium plants grown on mats. 1. Planting other plants next to the edge of the mats, such as short Anubias species, Crypt species, or even other grasses like Sag or Val will compliment the mat in your tank. This will help hide the mat while adding to the visual appearance of your aquarium creating more of a 3D look. Our mats are available in different sizes but mostly 12" x 12" (can actually be about 10" x 10" in some cases) and 3 x 5" mats. Browse through our complete selection to learn more about our available products and place your order online today, enjoy your tank tomorrow.
  • Aquarium Plants on Rocks

    Aquarium Plants on Rocks (5)

    Arizona Aquatic Gardens strives to offer a wide range of quality plants for our valued customers. This is why we are proud to introduce our aquarium plants grown on lava rocks. When it comes to simple, attractive, affordable aquarium plants, our products are a smart choice for any aquarium hobbyist or professional. Because all of these plants are grown on chunks of volcanic stone, the installation process is simple and easy. Just place the rock in the aquarium and allow the plant to continue growing. You will find a variety of plants available on volcanic rocks by browsing our online catalog. These products are perfect for just about any type of aquarium, so don’t hesitate to order several for each of the aquariums you own. If you would like to learn more about a specific product, click on any plants found below for more details. Contact us today if you have any questions about our selection of aquarium plants grown on lava rock.
  • Bunched Aquarium Plants

    Bunched Aquarium Plants (75)

    Generous Portions at AAG Nurseries! Great availability! Buy in Bulk for best pricing! Oour Bunched Aquarium Plants are generously sold in bunches of about 4 - 8 stems per bunch! Our plants are NOT SOLD as 1 individual stem like most other comptitors do! To us, that is a shortcut! We are not about shortcuts, we are about hooking you up as a consumer, and getting your moneys worth! Our Bunched Oxygenating Aquarium Plants for Sale are banded with ties or lead bands where specified. Most of these plants in this group will require regular pruning in typical aquaria and these plants will propagate from pruning as well. So be smart about your cuttings and REPLANT all of your cuttings! A "Regular" sized bunch is sold in bundles of at least 4 to 8 stems, and in some species we will offer XLG forms of the same plant which will be larger quantities of buncdles or longer overgrown bundles. We are never stingy! We have a great reputation for being generous with our aquarium plants since 1987. On occasion we may sub with potted forms at no additional charge depending on seasonal availability or weather conditions as potted forms may ship better depending on season or temp.
  • Cryptocoryne Aquarium Plants

    Cryptocoryne Aquarium Plants (36)

    At Arizona Aquatic Nurseries, Inc. we offer a huge range of aquarium plants including plants of the popular Cryptocoryne genus. Crytocoryne, or "Crytps" are native to Philipines, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia. Lighting for Crypts is actually best when they are in low to moderate light, and temperatures of about 73-83F or 23-28C. Crypts will grow best in just about any pH level, but a Neutral 7.0 is ideal. Remember that this genus of plant is native to tropical waters so they will not do well in cold water setups below 70 degrees. After browsing our selection of cryptocoryne plants, you will find that this Genus has only subtle differences in color and leaf shape. Although many of these plants may look the same at first glance, you will find a range of differences amongst them from Bronze casts to pink and red tones that will change as the plants mature. Each variety thrives in environments with low lighting. This makes them easy to grow and perfect for just about any type of aquarium. Browse our selection of cryptocoryne plants to learn more about them. If you would like more information about a specific plant click on any of our product pages to check out additional details and images. Place your order online today or contact the team at Arizona Aquatic Gardens if you have any questions about cryptocoryne plants! We are here to help.
  • Miscellaneous Aquarium Plants for Sale

    Miscellaneous Aquarium Plants for Sale (56)

    Arizona Aquatic Gardens understands that every aquarium is different and everyone's taste is not the same. That is why we offer a large selection of aquatic plants to our valued customers. No matter what type of plant you are looking for, you will find something in our catalog that will complement your aquarium. We have so many plants to choose from for plants from the foreground to the background. Check out this section of Miscellaneous Aquarium plants where you will find plants like Java Ferns, Water Onions, Mosses, Moss Balls, and Lotus. This is a fun section to browse as it has a lot interesting or rare plants that are not common in this aquatic industry. Here, we offer plants that are suitable for low, medium, and high intensity light aquariums. For more information about a specific plant or about our products in general, please feel free to contact us today. We have been in this industry since 1987 and we are here to help you!
  • New / Limited Aquarium Plants

    New / Limited Aquarium Plants (63)

    Whenever Possible BUY IN BULK for best pricing! At Arizona Aquatic Nurseries, we offer a wide variety of aquarium plants. In addition to our permanent selection, we are always adding new items to our inventory. Below you will find a few new arrivals and limited stock aquarium plants for your pleasure. All of the plants on this page may not be available in large quantities as they may be in very limited supply. If the demand for a specific plant increases, we will add more to our inventory, so make sure you purchase the plants you want as soon as possible before they sell out. If you would like to learn more about any of our limited stock aquarium plants, click on any of our product pages. There you will find additional details and images about a specific plant, allowing you to make the right choice for your aquarium
  • Potted Aquarium Plants

    Potted Aquarium Plants (57)

    azgardens.com America's trusted 5 star source for quality aquatics since 1987. A family owned farm.
  • Sagittaria Aquarium Plants

    Sagittaria Aquarium Plants (7)

    Also known as Alismataceae, from the Water Plantain Family. All Sagittaria plants are sold as loose, rooted, and unpotted unless otherwise speciefied. Most Sag have a minimum purchase of no less than 10 per variety. Sagittaria are native to S.E. USA, South & Central America Lighting is flexible. Grows in Low to High light Temperature: Medium: 73-85F or 23-28C (Tropical conditions) pH: Neutral 7.0 ideal but very versatile Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers a diverse selection of Sagittaria aquarium plants for sale. All of our Sagittaria plants are loose, rooted, and un-potted. Whether you are looking for common plants like Sagittaria subulata Tall or Dwarf or maybe something a little more unique like Shoelace Sagittaria, we have it all and more. Due to the nature of these plants, their lighting requirements are flexible. In fact, these plants thrive in low, moderate, and high lighting, so you are not very likely to kill this plant. When it comes to finding easy to grow aquarium plants, look no further than our selection of Sagittaria. We have so many terrific options to choose from and we are always adding new products to our online catalog. Browse our Sagittaria collection below to learn more about our aquarium grass. For more details about our Sagittaria plants, contact us today!
  • Sword Aquarium Plants

    Sword Aquarium Plants (49)

    Transform your aquarium today with sword plants from Arizona Aquatic Nurseries. At Arizona Aquatic Gardens, we believe in offering our customers a wide range of high-quality aquarium products. When it comes to our selection of aquarium sword plants, you will find so many awesome options here, don't get overwhelmed, just take your time to go through what plants appeal to you. These aquarium plants are native to places like South America and Cuba, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Most Swords are tall, unless they have names like dwarf or compact, so, that's easy enough. Sword aquarium plants thrive in moderate to high lighting environments best and they have a neutral pH level. But a common misconception is that you need high light to grow red swords. It's actually incorrect! Most of the plants you see here with red leaves or pink leaves or red spots actually thrive in lower light tanks as well as high light tanks. If you would like to learn more about a specific sword plant, click on any products below to view additional details. You can enhance your aquarium today by taking advantage of the sword plants that we offer at Arizona Aquatic Gardens. For more information about any of our plants, contact us today!
  • Vallisneria Aquarium Plants

    Vallisneria Aquarium Plants (9)

    Vallisneria or "Val" are sold as 1 individual rooted plant. Minimum order of these beautiful oxygenating grasses is no less than 10. Vals are native to North & Central America, Haiti, Venezuela, & Japan. The lighting for Vallisneria is usually moderate to high, but most will thrive or adapt to all lighting situations. These are a hard-to-kill, easy to grow aquarium plant. Temperatures should be tropical but Jungle or Eeel Grass will grow in colder waters. Out here in Arizona our water in the Summer can get to 95+ and in the Winter the water can be in the 50's. These plants are still growing like weeds in all these conditions. WHAT ARE VALLISNERIA? Vals are a swampy grass that will add dramatic look to your aquarium. Vals are totally submersed, true aquatic grasses. Try placing a few taller Vals in your foreground as an aquascaping idea, don't just put them all in the back. Your fish will look grear swimming through the grass! Taller Vals will bend and flow at the top of your aquarium if allowed to grow that high. Trimming vals down won't hurt them, so give 'em a snip with sharp scissors when needed. Need Help Choosing Vallisneria species? Shortest Height = Corkscrew Thinnest Leaf = Nana, Crystal Widest Leaf = Jungle, Red Jungles, Dark Red Jungles Colored Leaves = Italian Leopard, Red Jungles Darkest Leaf = Jungles Brightest Green = Cork, Contortion, Crystal, Italian Best Oxygenator in this Genus = Jungles Most Popular Currently = Contortion ALL Vals with the exception of Corkscrew will generally grow as tall as you allow them to.