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    CO2 tanks (or sometimes referred to as cylinders) aren't included with CO2 systems, and usually cannot be shipped filled anyway. So, we recommend that you purchase your tank from your own local supply store and save big money on shipping and on the tank. Places like: Welding Supply Stores, Soda Bottlers or Vendors, and definitely Liquor Stores who sell Keg Beer will be able to accommodate your tank needs. There are many tank sizes out there but a 5lb cylinder is the most efficient. You should be able to find a good 5 or 10 Pound cylinder for about $60 bucks! Re-filling a tank should only cost from $15 - $20 depending on the store and should only need to be done 2 times a year at most. Ask your supplier for a used, or rebuilt tank for an even better price. Before calling anyone, be sure and measure the maximum height your tank can be so you can hide it under your tank in the stand. Here's some good advice on getting a tank: It is possible that your state requires you to get your cylinder re-certified every few years to make sure it's still in good, safe, working operation. Many of today's cylinders are stamped with a date on them. Re-certifying a cylinder can sometimes be a hassle and cost you a few bucks and a few hours of precious time. If you don't get it re-certified you may be turned away to get your cylinder refilled. (Propane tanks are very similar) So, here's what we suggest; get your Co2 cylinder from a liquor store that sells keg beer. If they sell keg beer, then they certainly sell the equipment to operate a Co2-ran Kegmeister or beer tap. Check for a store close to home. If you go into your neighborhood liquor store and ask them for a 10-pound cylinder (see what other sizes they have available) for your Kegmeister, (if you tell them it's for an aquarium they might not understand) have it filled up, they won't ask you any questions and they will take a credit card number from you for the deposit on the cylinder. Typically a deposit is a cheap as $40 or $50 bucks. In 8 or 10 months when you go into the same store to have it filled again, they'll just charge you for the refill and that's it. Here's why this is a good day that cylinder you got from that liquor store is going to expire and will need to be re-certified. Well, when that happens, the employee will recognize that it is one of their cylinders, and just swap it out for a fresh one. Done! They won't charge you for a deposit on the new one, and everything is good. By then, they'll recognize you as a regular loyal customer anyway. Your probably gonna end up buying chips, milk or beer from their store anyway. Everyone wins! Lastly, with paintballing becoming so popular, folks are needing to get CO2 cylinders refilled just to shoot their guns, so sporting goods stores are just starting to carry CO2 gas. This means it is only a matter of time before big box stores like Walmart carry CO2.
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    Q: How much substrate do I need? A: Use appx 1 pound per gallon of tank space for best results.   Example: a 14.5lb bag would be enough for a 10 Gallon tank with a substrate thickness of about 2.5 inches deep. Q: Can I mix my substrates? A: Sure! There are no rules when it comes to being creative! Here's a suggestion, try using other rocks/substrates/gravel & driftwood that will compliment the main substrate you've chosen. Example: Build the main part of your base with CaribSea Super Naturals Gemstone Creek Maybe use Sunset Gold to create a mysterious winding pathway that leads to another part of your exhibit. While you're at it, maybe line part of your path with larger stones such as Tricolor stack stone, or Belize rock  or use driftwood to dam up higher areas of substrate.  Try planting low growing Anubias, or Micro swords in nooks and crannies to make things more authentic. Those that view your creation will see there is a story to be told in your aquascape. It allows the mind to think and dream. Build, create, and be daring. You got this!  Create your own special underwater world! If you get bored of it, then you simply re-invent it and change it up. That's the beauty of this hobby. Everything you build is temporary, and can be improved on with your next build from your experience. There is so much to have fun with. So many different types of snails, crabs, fish, shrimp, plants, and regions of the world that can be reproduced to mimic nature. Enjoy. Q: Im kinda embarrassed to say that we're happily getting rid of our old fluorescent pink & blue gravel and taking your advice to build a more natural looking habitat for our fish. We are spending more time as a family hanging out and learning daily! Thanks for all the great info, helped a lot! A: Hey! You had to start somewhere! We are excited for you! Let us know, if you need any help! Check out our Rocks & Decor next!
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    Arizona Aquatic Nurseries, is proud to offer some of the coolest stuff out there to help you create that very special environment for your habitat! Just look at some of the decor here. Wow, it just keeps getting cooler every year and easier to make your setup look like a professional exhibit! We are super proud to be offering CaribSea new lines of decor and some of our older more primitive goodies, but be sure to check out some of our Driftwood so you can complete your look. Using different Substrates will also help you achieve a professional look! EXOTICA™ FRESHWATER ROCK Bold and Beautiful. Exotica™, the new freshwater rock line from CaribSea. Specially selected from around the world, these dramatic stones are the backdrop of the most spectacular freshwater aquascapes. All natural, no paints, dyes, or plastic coatings. Use with our Super Naturals™, Eco-Complete™, Instant Aquarium™, or Samurai Soil™ to create strikingly beautiful freshwater aquascapes. Click on our Gravel & Substrates page next!
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