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Pond Plants

Pond Plants: Wetlands, Bog, Surface & Oxygenating Plants

Since 1987, our family-owned & operated company has been one of the primary farms to supply aquatic plant materials for countless Wetlands Restoration Projects all over the US, including plants for Wildlife Preserves, Zoological Exhibits, and Governmental Restoration projects.

Our planting projects have turned many open mud flats into outstanding vegetated wetlands to support aquatic plant and animal life. Arizona Aquatic Nurseries not only offers plant materials for these larger jobs, but additionally for commercial applications such as water features at Banks, Casinos, Business Parks, and even small privateer pond projects and residential ponds all across our country! We are here to help, and our 27 years of service is proof we are here for you.

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We ship year 'round live goods successfully since 1987! If you're on a map, we'll get it to you....ALIVE & HEALTHY!