Our Commitment To Excellence!

Thank you for choosing Arizona Aquatic Nurseries as your aquatic supplier. We are a family-owned farm and only operate on the basis of Good Faith, Integrity & Old-Fashioned values. 

We have proudly been in business since 1987. You know you can always trust the quality of our products and expertise in educated aquatic gardening and environmental consulting. Rest assured we will do everything we can to make each customer happy, and we will treat you like you’re part of our own family. If you ever have a problem, we will do everything possible to resolve it. Arizona Aquatic Gardens is a family-owned and operated business that offers over 2000 varieties of plants, fish, shrimp, snails and more for Freshwater Aquariums, Marine Aquariums, Nano Aquariums. Paludariums, Ponds, Wetlands, Terrariums, Aquascapes & Environmental Habitats. We are an importer, grower, and wholesale distributor. Our company is built on honest work ethics offering personalized customer service to help you do everything better and more efficiently and mostly, more naturally. With the competitive market out there it is important to reassure our customers that you are dealing with a reputable company that will still be here after all of the other web-based “here-todays” are gone tomorrow. We offer 7 day a week consulting, providing our phone number that you can call and speak to an educated person if you need help. That is a valuable service these days in the tech age. Most other sellers out there offer no such help and no phone number to call. We know you’ll agree, we offer the best quality plants & fish at the lowest prices in the industry as we invite you to join our long list of satisfied customers.

No Walk-In Retail Business. Arizona Aquatic Gardens does not have an open-to-the public retail store to browse. We are not a retail pet store. We are a wholesale mail order only farm. Shop online 24/7 right here since 1987.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens has 3 Simple ways to Order:
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…by Phone: 520-742-3777
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Ordering Guidelines Terms & Conditions

By placing any order online, fax, or over the phone, you have completely read, agreed to, and understand all of the terms of this Ordering Guidelines page, Terms of Use, and our Warranty Notice. Agreeing to these terms voids any right to a chargeback or cancellation.

1. Place your order by Shopping Cart, Email, Fax, or Phone.
Please do not leave orders on our voicemail system. 1st time buyers MUST place orders online. Once you have established an account with us, future orders may be called in by phone, but for fastest service and order turnaround, placing your order online will be the quickest and most efficient method.

2. Shipping Costs
Shipments costs will be determined accordingly (You will find this on the shipping options page). Shipping costs will be calculated based on your zip code and order total at checkout, unless you choose our BILL ME LATER ship option, then you will be charged the actual shipping costs at the time your shipment is packed and weighed. We will charge you exactly what we are charged that day by the carrier.

3. Box Fees/Heat/Cold Packs
There is a fee for adding styrofoam, ice or heat to your order. It could make quite a difference in the shipment of your order. Ice or Heat, and insulated boxes are added at your own discretion at checkout but always highly recommended. We suggest opting in for the Styrofoam insulation to protect your investment. This styro is not free to us unfortunately, so you will be charged for it as well, but it will help protect your items and be protected from extreme heat or cold. In most cases, if we see an order is going somewhere where a styro box will make a critical difference and you didnt choose to add it, we will contact you to advise adding it on.

4. Substitutions & Out of Stock Issues
Sometimes, when needed, we may make subs, but only sometimes, and only with ‘similar or like’ items. If you don’t want any subs made, please tell us on your order’s shopping cart checkout notes: “NO SUBS” and we will honor your request. We do not call or email customers during our busy time of packing orders that something is out of stock. Please understand that it is just not possible for us to inform customers that something is suddenly out of stock as livestock may change day to day, even hour to hour especially when we are packing many orders and dealing with our daily carrier deadline pickup schedule.

5. Order Deadlines
Each week we have an order deadline for same week delivery. Miss our deadline and your order will usually get shipped the following week. Our deadline for placing orders is on Monday at 11am Arizona Time, for orders to be shipped out the same week….usually every Tuesday or Wednesday pending availability. We have a Monday deadline because we begin the final collection process for all of the plants/fish/shrimp sold for the week. We must pull, divide, count, and sort hundreds of plants every week, let’s not forget accounting, paperwork, box building, and final packaging MUST be completed by our shipping dept as we must meet deadlines given to us by the carrier. The end result is you, the happy customer getting your order the same week you place it. If you place your order after 11am on Monday chances are likely it may have to ship the following week. We are happy to take your order anytime or any day, but if you get it to us after our deadline it may need to ship the following week. We will always try to ship your order out as early as possible, whenever possible.

6. Shipping Services
All LIVE ANIMALS shipments qualify for our live arrival guarantee only if you choose our fastest overnight shipping option. Shipments sent 2 or 3 day air do not qualify for this guarantee and losses will be a gamble on the customer’s part. Shipping fees will vary based on your zip code and order amount. The closer you live to Arizona the cheaper the rate, the further you live from us, the more expensive the rate will be. We ship most orders USPS. We ship most perishable items Next Day or 2 Day Air delivery so that you will get them the fastest route after we pack them pending your service area. Please click the “SHIPPING POLICY” Tab below to better understand our shipping days. Your perishable order will likely arrive fresh and without incident. We ship most heavy or non-perishable packages NON AIR. We do not typically use overnight services for non-perishable items, there is no reason for it and it is very expensive to use that service. If you require heavier items such as substrate BEFORE you get your plants, please add a memo to the “note/comments” section of your cart order or just order accordingly. We will be better able to orchestrate your shipment so everything arrives to you in the order you need them. All Alaska & Hawaii shipments must choose the “BILL ME LATER” shipping option. AK & HI shipments are sent “Air” only (there is no “Ground” Svc avail) and are billed to you based on the actual weight and box size of your actual order. These rates are calculated by the carrier at the time your shipment leaves our farm. You will be billed in a separate credit card transaction. We DO NOT ship to APO addresses, please do not request to ship to these types of addresses. PO Boxes are fine! Hawaii shipments of live animals may require an import permit. Please contact your local Hawaii Ag Dept to obtain one. We will not ship animals to HI without a permit.

Yes, you are getting healthy plants & animals that are grown by compassionate American workers, packaged with love! Our company has pioneered many aspects of the aquatic industry since 1987. Don’t be fooled by impostors, Arizona Aquatic Gardens is America’s #1 source for farm-raised stock at the lowest discount pricing anywhere. When you call here, you are talking to the same people that packed your order, the same people that raised your livestock. We speak English, we do not read from a script. Many of our competitors don’t even touch the products they sell. In fact, many have 3rd party trans-shippers pack you less than nursery quality, stressed out, starving, taken from the wild livestock. Make smart choices when purchasing anything live. Think of this, you may have casualties, it is just part of shipping livestock. So for example on some of the cheaper animals, let’s say you want 10 red cherry shrimp for your 5 gallon aquarium, and you also want 3 Endler’s Male Guppies. Don’t just order 10 Shrimp and 3 Guppies, buy more like 12 or 14 shrimp and 5 or 6 guppies. It will make more sense if a few die during transit or even acclimation to your tank. The cost of shipping won’t be worth for you to pay again to replace a couple fish or shrimp. More details on DOA’s on #12 below. Plants are resilient, so you don’t usually need to order extras. In our history of shipping plants, very rarely do they come in poor shape. Order with friends in the same hobby. This will help you split the expensive cost of shipping. Lastly, WE DO NOT SELL SEXED FISH OR OTHER SEXED AQUATIC CRITTERS, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST SPECIFIC SEXES OR PAIRS. Only if it is offered, will we then ship sex specific animals.

8. Tracking numbers
When your order ships, if we have your valid email address, you WILL get an email from the shipping carrier indicating the tracking number and the ETA (estimated Time of Arrival). Those emails are sent on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays. If you don’t get an email, your order probably did not ship, or with all of the spam blockers blocking email, you may want to make sure that emails aren’t getting deleted or are going into a spam or deleted file folder. We cannot ship an order without an email address; our system requires one to print the label! Tracking numbers come from our email “noreply@azgardens.com”

9. Payment of Order:
We accept Debit Cards, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & PAYPAL

10. C.O.D.’s & Prepays
Sorry, we do NOT ship out COD orders. Do you need to prepay for an order with a check? This can be done if you call us to make arrangements. We will accept cashier’s checks & money orders only. No personal checks please. Prepay orders must be phoned in.

11. Cancellations/Returns
We understand that sometimes unexpected events happen in life that may require you to re-schedule your order shipment week. We will try to work with you. Cancelling your live order ‘after’ it has been placed, will result in a $30 or 30% restocking fee of your total invoice. This is because putting together an order (large or small) is very time consuming and we put a lot of love, time and effort into our orders and our time is valuable. You absolutely MAY NOT cancel an order after it has been placed, but it can be postponed as long as you notify us in time. “Refused” orders, or “Return to Sender” orders will result in rejection of all future business, no exceptions, and no refund will be granted. Refused shipments or unclaimed shipments are not entitled to a refund. Even if an order is refused or unclaimed the customer will still be liable for all costs of the order. By placing any order with our farm, you are entering into a business contract of services and accept these terms completely. We do not and cannot accept returns on live products due to the nature of our live products. Live Goods may not be returned or cancelled once ordered. If you have a dry goods return, you must call/email us to get a return authorization number. Products must be returned in new, unused, or unopened condition. We will credit your in-house account after we get your product, less all shipping costs involved.

In the unfortunate event you have a DOA, PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO REPORT LOSSES. We require a picture because we cannot go by verbal reports. Please simply email or text us a list of the deceased items immediately upon arrival, (within 2 hours of receiving your shipment is acceptable). Please refer to our contact page for proper email address or text info. You must provide your original order name so we can look up your order. We will give you a one-time courtesy in-house credit for your losses that can be used toward a future purchase with our company. Losses on secondary replacement shipments will not be credited twice. NO cash refunds on losses will be given. Animal losses MUST have a CLEAR picture of the DOA specimens. You may text your pictures to 520-971-1357 or email it to pete@azgardens.com include the word “LOSS PIC & Your order name” in the subject line. Fuzzy or blurred pictured will not be accepted. It must be a clear picture and obvious of a dead animal as we have seen some unacceptable attempts to defraud our company and must be strict about this requirement. DO NOT delay your pics because you think we are closed. Your email or text will have a date when you sent it and we will get you the credit when we return to the office next business day. DOA fish or shrimp having a “single value” of $15 or more must have a toothpick or like item through the body to get proper credit. NO cash refunds, or credits to cards will be given on live good losses. They are in-house credits only and will come off your next online order total. We offer “live arrival guarantee” only. We are not responsible for losses resulted in you not being home to accept your delivery. If you are ordering goods from our company, you must be on alert that something is coming. It is also your responsibility to properly acclimate your new aquatic life, and make sure your tank has all of the appropriate water parameters and environmental requirements the particular species needs to thrive. We suggest acclimating your new arrivals with the lights off your aquarium. DOA’s that occur after your animals are installed in your water are not covered under our warranty. It is your responsibility to keep your items alive. Once in a while we will get a customer that thinks we offer a lifetime warranty on a plant or fish, this is NOT the case. We ship living, healthy, viable products, once you get them, YOU must keep them alive. If you are “short” a live animal  in a bag, please take a picture of our unopened bag and submit your info so we can correct our error there. We accept no claims for “not as described” or “plant died” chargebacks because you were unable to care for them properly. Perhaps a leaf is bruised on a plant in shipping, or a fin is damaged on a fish, perhaps even a claw missing from a lobster? This does not constitute a loss, claim or credit. Claws, fins, and leaves are no more life threatening than you losing a fingernail. They grow back. We consider people that do these chargebacks or claims as fraudulent customers. This is one of the main reasons why we make sure you agree to our terms before checkout so there is NO question on either end. We do not accept returns on any live animal orders ever. We are not responsible for losses that occur due to incompatibility of your fish or shrimp. Our limits of liability are for the value of the item shipped and nothing more. We are not responsible for losses due to delays by the carrier such as damage from heat, cold, breakage, weather, riots, war, or your inability to get an email from the carrier. These losses are the sole responsibility of the carrier only. Most claims that are weather related are considered an “Act of God” and will typically be denied by most any carrier. Please understand that NO carrier offers a money-back guarantee for service failures or delays if your package has live animals included in the package, so please do not request your money back if your package is delivered late. The only claim we can file is if your box is not delivered or lost. ALL International shipments are shipped at the customers’s risk. There are too many possibilities of delays due to customs, etc. Once the shipment leaves our farm, we cannot control it’s whereabouts, especially if it is going outside of the USA.  We offer one of the easiest and best live good warranties in the industry. Please understand these terms before you order as by placing any order with our company you are hereby agreeing and understanding these terms completely. We are a decent, small, family-owned company and have put these guidelines in force because we have heard just about every story imaginable, and we had to make strict guidelines for our customers to follow, so that we could operate our business efficiently, and you cannot finalize your order without accepting these terms. Agreeing to these terms voids your right to any chargeback or dispute.

12a. How to Redeem your In-house credit If you ever have a credit due back to you for losses reported on a previous order, your coupon code will always be your last name with 1st letter being Capitalized and NO PUNCTUATION. For example if your last name is O’Leary, your coupon code would be: Oleary

13. Chargebacks or Fraud Orders
This is absolutely not tolerated. If you have an issue with an order we will try to fix it, we guarantee everything we sell so just call us, and interact with us, don’t react to a problem that is easily fixable. If you email us and haven’t gotten a reply, try sending your email with a receipt so that you are sure we are getting it. Try texting us, this is quick and efficient as well. There is no need for you to go to your credit card company and refuse to pay your bill. This ends up costing us, the “merchant” and you the “consumer” more money in the long run. Chargeback customers will be blacklisted from our company for life. Disputing any charge from our company through your credit card or through PayPal will result in legal collection services that you will be liable for 150% of the original amount of your transaction to recover all fees associated in the return of your funds.

14. Back-Orders on LIVE GOODS
When you get your order from us, look at the bottom of your invoice. It may indicate: “You have a back order” (B/O), or Your order was shipped in more than 1 box, other box(es) may follow . A B/O is done when items are not available when your order was placed or at the time it was physically packed. Please accept our apology, this is non-intentional. We want to ship you everything complete, but this is just the nature of the nursery industry. Those items will be shipped to you when they become available. Because live inventory can change day to day, hour to hour, and we may not be able to fill your order completely immediately. Live good back orders are only created when the value is about $30 dollars or more. Back orders don’t usually remain in our system for more than 4 weeks, unless requested by the customer. If you do not wish to wait for a back ordered item, please call to inform us “cancel back order”.

15. Waiting Lists
Is there an item on our list that is constantly saying unavailable? Call us or email us and get yourself put on a waiting list. We do it all the time! Hey, if we only have 5 or 10 of something available, we’re not putting it on the net to get 100 orders for it! So, try this next time you see a “NO” next to that item you’ve been waiting for. Also let us know your special requests. We are an importer as well, we bring in many plants from overseas, so ask us to fill your special requests!

16. …..click, click, click, submit, Read before you click!
This website is very straight forward & informative! There are no hidden messages, there is no FINE print, and you don’t need to be a professor at a university to understand the terms herein, so there should be no question about our policies as it is written in a easy to read, precise and accurate form. If you cannot accept our terms above, or our very clear way of explaining them, you should not click the “submit your order” button out of haste. We are a loving family company, we love what we do, we really love our customers and want nothing more than to make everyone happy, but from time to time we get customers that just don’t read and want to make up their own rules for our company and that just doesn’t work here. THANK YOU.
All personal information obtained is held in strict confidence within our family’s company only! Your profile, credit info, email address, or anything for that matter, will not be sold, shared, or released for any reason to anyone outside of our company. Our company has worked too hard to build our customer database and we would never sell you out. We will never share your email address with anyone. From time to time we may send you a courtesy email coupon for you to use on a future purchase but our emails are no more than 1 time per week. We will also send you emails so we can send you tracking numbers and ETA of orders you have placed with us. You are now part of our private family and will be safe here.

Protect our Ecosystems & Know your Aquatic Animal Responsibilities
It is important to make sure living things in your aquarium or  pond are kept away from our oceans and natural waterways. Be responsible. Never dump fish, plants or snails into or near waterways, lakes, canals, washes, stormwater drains or the ocean. Donate unwanted fish to friends, other hobbyists, schools, your petshop, or dispose of them humanely by putting them to sleep in an ice slurry and then freezing them. Use care when cleaning tanks or ponds. Dump wastewater or excess unwanted plants into your garden, compost or trash. Design ponds so that plants, snails, fish or eggs can’t escape during heavy rains, and screen all overflow areas. Consider keeping species native to your local area. Most fish, snails, and plants you keep will not typically be native to your local area. If released, they are difficult to eliminate and pose a serious threat to fragile ecosystems and important industries. So don’t dump that fish incorrectly! Setting fish free may mean they die from starvation or disease, however, fish that do survive and breed will compete with local native species for food and space. They may also spread disease and parasites, and damage natural habitats.

We as a seller of live aquatic species promote the above statements and cannot control or assume any liablility for those that do not want to protect our environment. This is a personal choice made by the consumer. Please make a good choice when disposing of your pets