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Freshwater Algae Squads

FAST RESULTS with Freshwater Algae Squads for Aquariums!

The Original Algae Squad Freshwater Janitor Collections

by Arizona Aquatic Gardens

The Perfect Natural Solution for Algae Problems in Freshwater Aquaria has been imitated for many years by fly-by-night companies that have no prior experience in the field of qater quality management, or professional algae control services. Arizona Aquatic Gardens IS experience! Do NOT be fooled by inexperienced competitor’s so-called “algae solution” packages. We do this every single day since 1987 and we do not give bad advice about fixing an algae problem. The animals we ship you WILL fix your algae issue! Our years of algae management programs for aquariums and ponds is what prompted these Algae Squads back in 1993. Our company has pioneered putting Farm-Raised True SAEs back on the map as well as the introduction of True Olive Nerite Snails that we introduced into the aquarium industry in 1992. We are also one of the largest producers & suppliers of algae eating shrimp & snails in the USA. 

If you want REAL, NATURAL algae solutions and rock-solid expert advice, backed with confident, knowledgeable people that care….Rest assured, you are on the right track with us. Thank you!

AAG Nurseries, Inc. A Family Farm since 1987.