Freshwater Flounder

Freshwater Flounder

Freshwater Flounder

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Above pics:
Flounders produce various patterns and colorations depending on food type, time of year, and gender.

Freshwater Flounder
Brachirus panoides

aka Tonguefish, Freshwater Sole.

Size: up to 5" in the wild, much smaller in captivity pH: 7.0 - 8.0 Temp: 74 - 82F Origin: Thailand, Asia, and worldwide

Food: New Life Spectrum "Small Fish Formula" "Finicky Formula" found at Fish Foods

The Tonguefish pictured here is a freshwater member of a family that occurs worldwide. Most species live in the ocean but a few smaller ones live in fresh or brackish water. These are an interesting species that will do quite well in an aquarium if given the correct environment. Our Flounder are very healthy and will be very easy for you to care for and enjoy for a long time to come.

Since they are carnivores, the Flounder will eat all types of protein foods. They should be fed a diet of live or fresh frozen foods such as brine shrimp, and bloodworms. They are not aggressive feeders so food may have to be poured directly on top of them to make sure they get enough to eat. They will also eat tiny fish so make sure any tank mates are too large to be able to fit into their mouths.

The Tonguefish is sometimes found in the mouths of rivers where they dump into the ocean so they will do well in either fresh or brackish water tanks. They spend virtually all of their time on the bottom so special care needs to be given to where they live. To feel secure, they should be able to bury themselves which means that very fine gravel or sand is the substrate of choice. It is not unusual to see only a pair of eyes poking up through the gravel. This fish will generally stay small in your aquarium, ours do not usually get bigger than the size of a silver dollar, and our pools are very huge, so in a smaller aquarium, they will stay small.

SHIPS PERFECT! Size at shipping: just bigger than a Quarter

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