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Glass Eel

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Glass Eel

Pisodonophis boro

a.k.a. Rice Paddy Eel

Size: up to 36" in 10 years+ pH: vary Temp: 68 - 86F Origin: Indo-West Pacific: Somalia, Tanzania to Natal (South Africa), southern India and Sri Lanka. Also widespread elsewhere from the east Indian coast through Indonesia to Polynesia.

Chemicals: Freshwater Essential found at Aquarium Additives

Food: New Life Spectrum "Small Fish Formula" "Finicky Formula" and "Zoo Plankton" found at Fish Foods

This is a harmless eel found in lagoons and estuaries, entering freshwater and paddy fields. Common in tidal reaches and nearby upstream areas of coastal rivers. Lives in holes in the river bottom and banks and actively forages for small microorganisms at night. Reported to spawn in rice-paddies during the rainy season Can acclimate from freshwater to brackish to marine waters fine. This eel lives in colonies, please order no less than 4 please

Size at shipping: 4" + avg

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