Assassin Snail

Assassin Snail

Assassin Snail
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Assassin Snail

Clea helena

aka:  Anentome helena


Native to: SE Asia, Thailand, Indo, Malaysia

Max size under 1 inch

Lifespan: 2 to 5 yrs

Temp: Versatile (71-86 ideal)

Shipping Size: Smaller than the size of a penny.

ph: between 7 - 8


This is a snail that is often mistaken as a "bad" snail, however, for the right hobbyist with a snail problem it is actually a gift!  This very small snail with a tough exterior shell is a fairly moderate crawler that usually is happy to burrow itself into the substrate.  The truth of the matter is that the Assissin Snail is extremely useful to eliminate noxious snails such as Ramshorn Snails, Trumpet Snails & troublesome Pond Snails.  They may look sweet during the day, but at night, they go to work and will seek and destroy your bad snails.  The shell of Clea helena is conical but the apex is commonly worn away or broken off.  The shell is yellow with a brown spiral band and is strongly ribbed.  Maximum shell length is around 20 mm, though 15-18 mm is more typical.  The body itself is peppered grey-green.


It is important to share our experience with you:  Assassin Snails prefer to go after smaller or weaker snails such as babies, more so than your larger snails.  Assassins also do not eat each other, and do not bother other animals like shrimp.  We wouldn't put it past a very hungry Assassin to eat a small shrimp if it were dangled in front of them, but they won't seek out your shrimp and most shrimp will stay out of their way.  These guys may be just the ticket for those of you that have Malaysian Trumpet snails that have 100's of babies at a time or those that need to get problematic snails under control in a tank or pond.  If you have Ramshorns that have gotten out of control, you can keep them at bay again by introducing Assassin Snails into your water and allow them to devour the babies that hatch.  When the Assassin runs out of other snails to eat, they will eat waste in the substrate, leftover foods such as pellets, flakes, algae wafers, bloodworms, etc.  They're scavengers after all.  Let them scavenge and don't be too overly concerned if there is enough food!


Assassin Snails are awesome to look at, but in a planted tank they will be hard to locate.  unless you stock a healthy number of them.  Stocking no more than 1 per gallon is just dandy!  (Remember, they're very small)  They lay very few eggs that take months for the young to appear as they will live in the substrate for some time before making their first appearance.


The Assassin Snail is an important part of any aquatic biotope.

For Pond Use- stock 1 - 2 per sq foot 

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Assassin Snail

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1. Kathleen on 5/23/2013, said:

These guys do the job, and do it well. The larger, beneficial nerite snails are safe from them, but the smaller, reproducing pest snails were quickly turned into a graveyard of empty shells. I saw one in action when I first dropped it into the tank, and it landed next to another, smaller snail: the smaller snail was soon dinner.
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2. Jamie on 3/25/2013, said:

I had two tanks (75g and 25g) that were infested with pond and ramshorn snails. Ordered two of the these snails about 5 months ago and placed one in each tank. They have reduced the pond and ramhorn snail population by 90% in both tanks. They are more active at night when the light is out.
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