Koi & Other Pond Fish Delivered to Your Door!

Japanese Koi have been known to live longer than 200 years! A typical lifespan here in the US is about 25 to 40 years. Our imported high-quality Japanese Koi are a product of many years of breeding.

Males are recognized by their concave anal section and occasionally by breeding spots on the head.

Spawning may result in as many as 1,000 eggs, with fry emerging in approximately 4 to 7 days, depending oon the water temperature.

Feed the young fry small live foods or frozen daphnia for the first month. Gradually change their diet to flake and pellet foods. Their color will emerge in about a month or more.

Feed your Adult Koi a quality pellet with a protein content that does not exceed 30%. Japanese Koi make awesome pets and can be taught to accept food from your hand!

Hot or Cold Weather Shipping? NO PROBLEM!
We ship year 'round live goods successfully for the past 25 years! If you're on a map, we'll get it to you....ALIVE & HEALTHY!

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Algae Eating Adult American Flag Fish
Algae Eating American Flag Juvenile Fish
Algae Eating Blue Amur Taiwan Bitterling
Algae Eating Chinese High Fin Banded Shark/Batfish
Carp - Piper Shark
Catfish - Albino Channel
Catfish - Albino Channel Catfish
Catfish - Blue Channel Catfish
Catfish - Brown Bullhead
Catfish - Brown Bullhead Catfish
Catfish - Hoplo
Catfish - Hoplo Catfish, Armored Cat, Flathead Cat
Golden Zebra Danio
Golden Zebra Danio
Goldfish - Oranda, Red & Black
Goldfish - Assorted Oranda Goldfish
Goldfish - Ryukin - Assorted
Goldfish - Assorted Ryukin Goldfish
Goldfish - Black Moor
Goldfish - Black Moor Goldfish
Goldfish - Black Moor/Ryukin Bulk Packs
Goldfish - Black Moor/Ryukin Goldfish Bulk Packs
Goldfish - Lionhead Assorted Colors
Goldfish - Lionhead Goldfish
Goldfish - Ranchu Assorted
Black Ranchu Goldfish - Black Color only
Goldfish - Ranchu Black
Calico Ranchu Goldfish - Calico Colors Only
Goldfish - Ranchu Calico
Goldfish - Sarasa Fantail Goldfish
Goldfish - Sarasa Fantail Goldfish/Comets Assorted Colors
Blue Gourami
Gourami - Blue Gourami
Gold Gourami
Gourami - Gold Gourami
Gourami Fish - Green Kissing Gourami
Gourami - Green Kissing Gourami Fish
Gourami - Marbled Kissing Gourami
Gourami - Marbled Kissing Gourami
Gourami - Paradise Spiketail
Gourami - Paradise Spiketail Gourami Fish
Gourami - Snakeskin Gourami Fish
Koi - Japanese Black Standard Koi
Koi - Japanese Butterfly Koi
Koi - Japanese Standard Koi
Minnow - Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Minnow - Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Minnow - Least Killifish (Dwarf Mosquito fish)
Minnow - Mosquito Fish
Rosy Red Minnow or Fathead Minnow
Minnow - Rosy Red Minnow or Fathead Minnow
White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Minnow - White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Sturgeon - White  or Acipenser transmontanus
Sturgeon - White Sturgeon & Black Diamond Sturgeon
Tadpoles - American Bullfrog Tadpoles
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We ship most "Fish, Shrimp, & Snail Only" Orders out on Tues nights. 
We do NOT sell sexed animals, please do not request paired or sexed fish.
Please make sure your live good order is at least $35 bucks.  There is NO minimum order amount for shipping dry good or non-perishable items.  You may combine Dry Goods and Live Goods to get to our $35.00 minimum.

We always ship "Plant Only" Orders out on Thurs nights.

YES, You may combine Fish, Shrimp & Snails with your Plant Order and they will be shipped in one box on Thursday night as well.

You must have your order placed by Monday at noon for same week delivery pending availability.

Orders placed after our Monday deadline will ship
the following week.

You will get an email confirmation from us
when your order ships out.

All of this information is available in more detailed form by clicking the "Ordering" or "Shippng" tab above.




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