Water Lilies & Lotus Delivered Right to your Door YEAR ROUND!

Cold or Hot Weather Shipping? NO PROBLEM!
We ship year 'round live goods successfully for the past 25 years! If you're on a map, we'll get it to you....ALIVE & HEALTHY!

Lotus Tubers & Seeds

Tropical Day Blooming Lilies

Tropical Night Blooming Lilies

Winter Hardy Lillies

We ship most "Fish, Shrimp, & Snail Only" Orders out on Tues nights. 
We do NOT sell sexed animals, please do not request paired or sexed fish.
Please make sure your live good order is at least $35 bucks.  There is NO minimum order amount for shipping dry good or non-perishable items.  You may combine Dry Goods and Live Goods to get to our $35.00 minimum.

We always ship "Plant Only" Orders out on Thurs nights.

YES, You may combine Fish, Shrimp & Snails with your Plant Order and they will be shipped in one box on Thursday night as well.

You must have your order placed by Monday at noon for same week delivery pending availability.

Orders placed after our Monday deadline will ship
the following week.

You will get an email confirmation from us
when your order ships out.

All of this information is available in more detailed form by clicking the "Ordering" or "Shippng" tab above.




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