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Danios are a marvelous choice for most aquariums due to their high energy level and mild temperament.  These are recommended for 1st-time aquarists, especially children.  Danios are hardy fish and are very easy to care for.

There are several varieties of the Danios, one of the most commonly known being the Zebra Danio, which is easily recognized by its distinct horizontal stripes.  This particular Danio will grow to be about 1.5 inches in length and is also suitable for community tanks because of its peaceful nature.  The Gold, Pearl and Leopard types of Danios will also grow to a maximum size of 1.5 inches, but Giant Danios can grow to about five inches or so in length.

Danios will be most comfortable with at least a school of four to six of their own species.  These fish have a variety of suitable tank mates to choose from such as Rainbowfish, Barbs and most types of Gouramis, provided they are smaller than the Danios are.  Danios will also do well with a school of Clown or Yoyo Loaches and some varieties of Catfish such as the Cory or the Pleco. 

Even-tempered Danios are often used in aquariums as peacekeepers, to distract other, more aggressive fish from fighting with one another.  A busy school of Danios swimming by will usually distract otherwise aggressive fish, ultimately keeping the peace in the tank.

Danios have a lifespan of about five years under proper conditions.  Technically considered cold-water fish, Danios will adapt to most water conditions but they do prefer cooler temperatures usually between 64 to 74 degrees F.

Danios should also be provided with plenty of light, plants and room to swim about freely.  These active fish will thrive in a 10 gallon aquarium or more that is kept at a PH level between 6.5 and 7.0.


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Golden Zebra Danio
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