Oxygenating Pond Plants
Oxygenating Pond Plants

These are one of the most important pond plants you can introduce to any body of water! If you don't have these plants, your pond can fail, not to mention look, and smell, like a sewage treatment plant! The only alternative to using oxygenators is to use expensive or unhealthy algaecides! These plants help clean the water, remove algae, and promote clarity, produce oxygen to create good biological balance! A must for all water gardens! A quick and good rule of thumb is to use 1 bunch per sq. foot of surface area for your pond. Take your pond's average length and times it by the average width, this will equal the number of bunches you need for your pond. You can also mix and match different species of plants for better variety. Example: If you have a pond that is 5 feet long and 5 feet wide...5 x 5 = 25 bunches of plants.

Please order no less than 6 per variety. Each plant comes in banded bunches.

Ambulia Bunched Aquatic Plant
Anacharis Elodea Egaria densa Bunched Aquarium Plant
Aquatic Mint Bunched Aquatic Plant
Bacopa Bunched Aquatic Plant
Blood Stargrass Diandra Bunched Aquatic Plant
Brazilian Pennywort Bunched Aquatic Plant
Broadleaf Ludwigia Bunched Aquatic Plant
Creeping Charlie Mint Bunched Aquatic Plant
Creeping Jenny Bunched Aquatic Plant
Egaria Najas Bunched Aquatic Plant
Foxtail Green Bunched Aquatic Plant
Foxtail Mayaca Silvermist Bunched Aquatic Plant
Foxtail Red Bunched Aquatic Plant
Fril Foxtail Bunched Aquatic Plant
Giant or Narrow Leaf Hygrophila Bunched Aquatic Plant
Golden Creeping Jenny Bunched Aquatic Plant
Green Cabomba Bunched Aquatic Plant
Hedge Green Bunched Aquatic Plant
Hornwort Ceratophyllum Demersum Bunched Aquarium Plant
Hygrophila Green Bunched Aquatic Plant
Ludwigia Narrowleaf Bunched Aquatic Plant
Ludwigia Needleleaf Bunched Aquatic Plant
Ludwigia Peruensis Bunched Aquatic Plant
Mermaidweed Marsh Bunched Aquarium Plant
Moneywort Bunched Aquatic Plant
Parrot's Feather Bunched Aquatic Plant
Purple Cabomba Bunched Aquatic Plant
Water Snowball or Gymnocoronis Bunched Aquatic Plant
Water Wisteria Bunched Aquatic Plant

Our Oxygenating Submersed Pond Plants

Our oxygenating plants are shipped as a "bunch" or "grouping" (about 4-5 strands) with a lead weight. This helps to keep the bunch together and anchor the plant to the bottom of your pond. The only exception is Anacharis, which is usually bunched using rubber bands.

1. Plants listed may provide filtration, remove toxins from your water, improve water clarity, and actually provide oxygen to your water, which also helps with water clarity and natural removal of toxic matter without chemicals, and they also help combat algae growth by consuming excess nutrients!

2. These plants also provide spawning medium for many fish especially goldfish, which lay their eggs in the plants, and when the baby frye (newborn fish) hatch, they seek refuge in the plants to escape larger goldfish and other predators.


Our submersed aquatic plants are ideal in ponds. Easy to plant; just drop them in the water. It's that easy; no potting needed!

All of these plants must be submersed below the water surface as they do not grow above water. If a plant name has a ** next to it, it must also be initially submersed upon planting, but these plants will have a tendency to grow and creep above the water surface and onto the the ground surrounding the pond area for a very pretty look. Other plants ideal for creating clarity that are above water creepers are 4-Leaf Clover and Aquatic Mint.

Stocking Levels for Oxygenating Pond Plants

The general recommendation for stocking these types of plants is 1 (one) bunch per square foot of water surface. Ponds with a high fish population will require greater amounts of plants. If it's not in your budget to stock your pond in one shot, do it in phases. Use the calculator below to determine the surface area of your pond. Knowing the surface area of your pond will give you a good idea what kind of quantities you should be stocking for a perfectly balanced pond! (Surface Area = # of bunches recommended)

Circular Pond Calculator

Pond Radius: ft
Enter fractions as decimals (ex: 10.5 ft)
Rectangular Pond Calculator

Pond Length: ft
Pond Width: ft
Enter fractions as decimals (ex: 10.5 ft)


Farm-Raised Aquatic Plants & Freshwater Fish Proudly grown in the USA.

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