Paludarium Plants

Sold as loose plants unpotted unless otherwise specified. These are water loving plants that are ideal for habitats that include a water feature, just be sure and keep the leaves above water and the roots wet!







Aluminum Paludarium Plant
Duckweed Variegated Paludarium Plant
Mondo Grass Paludarium Plant
Mondo Grass Paludarium Plant
Mosaic Paludarium Plant
Neanthebella Palm Paludarium Plant
Parrot's Feather Paludarium Plant
Potted Acorus Paludarium Plant
Potted Aluminum Paludarium Plant
Potted Dwarf Umbrella Palm Paludarium Plant
Potted Melon Sword Paludarium Plant
Potted Mondo Grass Paludarium Plant
Potted Neanthebella Palm Paludarium Plant
Potted Red Arrowhead Paludarium Plants
Potted White Arrowhead Paludarium Plant
Variegated Acorus Paludarium Plant

Farm-Raised Aquatic Plants & Freshwater Fish Proudly grown in the USA.

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